I hate writing, so here’s the plan…

Writers block

I’m not a big fan of writing.

Considering I have posted 42 blogs since launching FlatOnMyBack.com in September 2013, it took a while for that to dawn on me.

I enjoy posting what I have written (and thankfully my fiancée has edited), sharing it on social media, and interacting with readers ranging from friends to people I have not spoken with in years, and to some across the country who I have never met.

But the writing? Not so much fun.

It may be the voice software (which has been awesome for helping with independence, but frustrating having to repeat myself multiple times when it confuses words). It may be the resurfacing memories of cranking out essays in high school late into the night, looking forward to the day when my work would be rooted more in numbers and equations rather than sentence structure and grammar.

It may be a mix of both. Or something else.

While the process of writing may be frustrating, I still enjoy the satisfaction of completing the endeavor.

So I won’t do away with the blog.

But in the meantime, between occasional posts, I decided to launch a YouTube channel.

My first attempt is below.

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5 thoughts on “I hate writing, so here’s the plan…

  1. Love the Youtube updates idea! I watched some of your older videos of movement. WOW. You da man! I happened upon this video “paralyzed man dances with wife for first time” wasn’t sure if you had ever seen it. I thought I would send. So excited for what God has, IS and WILL DO for you, Ryan.


    Blessings, Sue


  2. Nice to meet you, Ryan, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding in 400+ days. The time will go pretty quickly. I remember hearing about your fraternity and your accident through Mark Wood, and his mom, who worked in the school office right next to me. Lots of prayers were sent up for you and your friends- and I’ll continue to keep you in mine.
    Blessings and here’s hoping for your miracle ! Too bad the Pope couldn’t swing by UC last week !

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