People > tasks: A tribute to my little sister

IMG_9449I arrived home and she was just getting her license.

Now she is graduating college and getting married.

How did this happen so quickly?

With physical limitations freeing up my schedule, being back home the past six years has allowed me to be intentional about reclaiming the years I lost out on while I was “too busy”.

One of the main ways that I have experience God’s redemptive nature through my current situation is not only through a second chance at being a big brother, but through a renewed awareness of the significance of relational connection with others in general.

Now that I’m recognizing to prioritize people, I have an entirely new perspective on a key role I play as a brother.

Laura and I have never been closer than we are now. I got the opportunity to see her grow throughout high school and then transition to college. I had the privilege of celebrating significant milestones with her, including her recent engagement. We’ve shared countless nights of conversations that would’ve never been possible otherwise.

God has created us as human beings rather than human doers. I can’t think of anything better to sum up that statement than the daily reminder sitting to the left of my computer titled, “Put relationship over task.” Rather than a one week fix, I want relationships to always supersede tasks. I want to ensure that I’m focused on the people around me more so than “what needs to get done.”

relationship over task

“Put relationship over task: We’re all busy, we’ve all got stuff to do. This week your experiment is to intentionally put a relationship above a task. That might look like allowing some extra time for conversation, going deeper with a personal question, or asking someone you know if you can pray for them.”?

I figured I would put what I learned into action this week so check out this week’s video below (and other videos by clicking HERE):

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6 thoughts on “People > tasks: A tribute to my little sister

  1. Ryan How beautiful!!! Love you both. What a wonderful gift you both are and such a blessing for your mom. You described Laura perfectly. She is precious and an absolute angel. I don’t ever think I have seen her without a smile on her beautiful face!

    • Crazy seeing her all grown up…looking forward to her seeing this when she opens her email today! (it’s a surprise…)

  2. Ryan you “rock”. Anita and I had just prayed for you and then I opened my email and there you were. We loved your tribute to your sister, beautiful. Keep up the great messages. Your faith is an encouragement and inspiration. God has anointed you for His work. Wayne Wheeler

    • Wayne and Anita,
      Thanks for praying for me. I appreciate your encouragement. Hope to one day join you for a run…maybe not quite one of your marathons though!

  3. You are absolutely right Ryan. Laura is a blessing to everyone! She has a pretty awesome brother too!

  4. Laura is absolutely beautiful! The photos of you two when you were little show how close you were and how much you meant to each other from the very start! She is blessed to have a big brother with so much love and wisdom to impart! God bless you both!

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