The answered prayer that just opened up my world

(No, I’m not engaged again. This happy couple unknowingly entered a video conference that would conveniently tie into my blog post.)

I got called out again.

Recently a friend pointed out that I was taking the conversation by the horns. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with asking a lot of questions, but he and I both knew what else was going on: My frequent tendency to deflect all conversation away from myself.

Why do I keep doing this?

When I launched this blog four years ago I was all about opening up. Letting others see behind the curtain. Doing away with the façade. However, carrying this over into real life relationships has always been a struggle. Even the most authentic and vulnerable blog post allows for careful editing. Authenticity with others in face-to-face conversation is another story.

However, this is a crucial part of relationships. The book of Proverbs says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” This doesn’t work if I’m not willing to open up and be real with other men in relationship.

So I began praying for more opportunities to do so, having no idea what it looked like. For a long time I have been at a loss about how to get connected to more like-minded men. As it turns out, my current physical challenges around getting out of the house (let alone the bed) are not exactly conducive to developing or sustaining many new relationships.

This summer my prayer was answered.

A video posted on social media by a guy I hadn’t talked to since high school caught my eye. After further investigation I learned this series of videos was the product of a group of guys from Inner Circle Cincinnati; an organization of men joining together in the mission of following Jesus and living out the concept of iron sharpening iron.

Rather than meeting in person, ICC groups gather via video chat. This has been the perfect layout for my current physical status. Video chat not only allows me to project the guys onto my ceiling, but has also opened up opportunity for camaraderie to extend beyond the Cincinnati area.

I’m thankful for the door that has opened. It continues to push me in the art of being vulnerable and experiencing how much deeper relationships can go as a result. On top of that, it has been another reminder of God’s creative way of answering prayer, especially in a situation where I had no idea where to turn or what the end result could look like.

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Each morning a different guy in ICC sends out a video to spur on the others as we journey life together. Here’s a recent video that I shared with the group:

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  1. Ryan, your video is outstanding. Just like you, I love reading biographies of honorable men of the Bible, and the business and sports world. I always receive encouragement and needed focus when I do!

    Much love from the Bucks!

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