5 years later: Thank you

Five years.

Nearly 20% of my life has occurred since the dark, cool Friday night in southern Kentucky in November, 2009.

My view of the action at a wedding last week
My view of the action eight hours away

This past weekend a close friend of mine officially tied the knot with his bride. Unfortunately, the wedding was eight hours away and I was unable to attend as the best man. I whipped up a video camera to record my speech to be delivered over the course of the wedding weekend via YouTube. Since the process of donning a button-down shirt may be one of the most physically uncomfortable tasks to take on right now, I wanted to make good use of the spiffed up look in front of the camera before I was back to pliable athletic shirts that are easy to stretch while putting on while I lay flat on my back.

With today marking five years now complete since a car accident changed the direction of my life, I thought this would be a good opportunity to attempt replacing writing with video.

Five years later, I’m thankful for each of you that God has placed my life. Some for a short season, some still today. I’m thankful for every prayer, email, card, note, meal brought (and fed), ride given, leg stretched, and a laundry list of other blessings along the way. I hope one day I get the same opportunity to emulate what so many of you have demonstrated to me. Thanks for being with me along the journey. I could not have done this without you.


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